Network & Wireless

Software defined (SDN) and intent-based networking is transforming the way you connect people and technology with switches, routers and wireless access point technology solutions.

Cloud Pioneers in partnership with Cisco is focused on Intent-based networking (IBN) built on Cisco DNA that takes a software-delivered approach to automating and assuring services across your WAN (SDWAN), your Campus LAN, DC LAN (SDN) and Wireless networks (WiFi 6). This enables you to streamline operations and facilitate IT and business innovation.

Automate, analyse, and integrate with IT

  • View the network as a whole
  • Provision devices based on policies
  • Troubleshoot faster with AI-assisted analytics
  • Make the network a participant in IT and business processes

Deliver the multi-cloud world

  • Optimize application experience
  • Secure cloud access with integrated, comprehensive security
  • Operate simply, using a single management dashboard
  • Forecast and plan with insightful recommendations

Detect, contain, and mitigate threats

  • Detect, contain, and mitigate threats
  • Get complete visibility of users, devices, apps, and processes
  • Reduce the attack surface
  • Accelerate incident response
  • Stop the breach

Integrate with other domains

  • Extend IBN across the WAN, from campus/branch to data center and cloud
  • Enforce and monitor common policies
  • Ensure end-to-end compliance with regulations
  • Automate app experience

In addition, immersive experiences on mobile are becoming the new normal. The explosion of IoT and mobile devices, not only does your network need to be Secure but also it must be fast and reliable. With access points and wireless controllers that support the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard, we provide an intent-based architecture to meet your expectations and scale for growing business demand.

By leveraging Wi-Fi 6 we’re offering a new mobile experiences and faster speeds for immersive-experience applications and more device and IoT capacity for high-density environments such as such as university lecture halls, malls, stadiums, and manufacturing facilities.


Provides a consistent, dependable network connection for a seamless experience.


Transmits more data to more clients than previous Wi-Fi standards, including IoT.


Achieves speeds up to four times faster than 802.11ac to drive more applications.

Enhanced features

Improves battery efficiency in smartphones, tablets, and IOT devices. Better Wi-Fi coverage and support for 2.4GHz make Wi-Fi 6 ideal for IoT devices.


In Cloud Pioneers we believe in collaboration offering our services in partnership with the most reputable vendors such as Cisco and service integrators.

ALLSTAR Solutions is one of our partners in delivering end to end Wireless solution adding value to our team focusing on below in Australia and New Zealand:

  • ICT Deployments: Technical field services for large multi-site national Wireless deployments
  • ICT Break Fix Support and Service Desk: 24 x 7 National Technical onsite break fix support for Wireless
  • ICT On Demand Resources: Assisting on short to long term engagement with experienced skilled Wireless engineers